Sweet sensations made by hand

If you thought chocolate couldn’t get any more delicious, we invite you to discover Wawa Chocolatier.

Who’s this? Wawa Chocolatier 

What’s it all about? Delicious chocolates.

Anything else we should know? It’s chocolate, what more could you possibly need to know? Okay, Wawa chocolates are handmade in Melbourne from Australian ingredients. The packaging is super colourful and there are so many interesting flavours, like coffee bean, toasted sourdough and balsamic salted caramel. We really need to taste them all… for research purposes, obviously.

So how did it all come to be? Jade from Wawa Chocolatier has worked with master bean producers in France where she learnt about quality and chocolate craftsmanship.

5 REASONS TO LOVE: Wawa Chocolatier

  1. Um, because it’s chocolate.
  2. Handmade in Australia from local ingredients.
  3. Those pack designs are so much fun.
  4. Boutique food producers are extra special.
  5. Did we mention chocolate?