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Longer-than-usual delivery times

Overseas restrictions, customs delays and fewer flights may affect delivery times.

Get delivery estimates by viewing the international destination guide.

Limited services

Some countries are not currently accepting deliveries due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Check the destination guide below for more info. 

Stay up to date

View the updates on this page for the latest issues affecting specific countries.  

Christmas deliveries

Send your parcel by  our recommended dates to give it the best chance of arriving on time.

Sending for Christmas? Check our recommended post-by dates to make sure your gifts have the best chance of arriving in time.

Destination guide

Use this guide to find out which countries are accepting parcels and what the estimated delivery times are.   

Our delivery estimates should be used as a general guide only. Please bear in mind that:  

  • restrictions and capacity constraints are causing delays in most countries
  • some countries are not currently accepting parcels
  • items may be held longer than usual by Australian and overseas customs authorities
  • all estimates are for metro destinations. Items sent to regional and rural locations will likely take longer

Items sent from South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory  must travel interstate before departing Australia. You can factor this in by adding 3 business days for Express items, and 7 business days for Standard and Economy items.

Latest international updates

France – further delays due to high COVID-19 case numbers

22 October 2020

Tighter restrictions are in place across some regions. Deliveries to and from France are likely to take longer than usual.

Christmas sending & delivery dates

2 October 2020

It’s going to be our busiest Christmas ever. Send by our recommended dates to give your items the best chance of arriving on time.

Last dates to send sea mail for Christmas 2020

14 August 2020

See our Christmas sea mail guide to find out our recommended post-by dates for each destination.

Important biosecurity awareness warning – Seeds

7 August 2020

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has issued a warning about unsolicited seed packets arriving via mail.

Inbound deliveries from overseas – update 

1 August 2020

We’re delivering items as quickly as we can, but COVID-19 restrictions in foreign countries are causing longer-than-usual delivery times.  

Temporary ban on sending PPE and personal hygiene products overseas via post  

30 March 2020

The Australian Government is restricting the non-commercial export of PPE and certain hygiene products during COVID-19.

Yemen, Egypt, Bangladesh, Somalia and Syria – air cargo restrictions 

31 January 2020

Deliveries from these countries are currently prohibited or restricted.


1 International Courier is only available at select retail outlets. Economy Sea services are only available at Post Offices.

2 No longer performing signature on delivery due to government restrictions.

3 Delivery of items from these countries, territories and regions to Australia have been suspended by the local postal operator.

4 Deliveries may take longer than estimated due to COVID-19-related delays for items transiting through Kuala Lumpur.