Know your zone

We divide the international delivery network into zones, based on delivery costs and speed. Each zone has its own price point. The zone structure we use depends on the type of item being sent.


The cost of delivering your letter or prepaid product overseas is determined by which of these 3 zones it's being sent to:

  • New Zealand
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the world

Parcels and courier items

The cost of sending your parcel or courier item overseas is determined by which of these 9 zones it's being sent to:

  • Zone 1: New Zealand
  • Zone 2: China
  • Zone 3: Rest of Asia1
  • Zone 4: USA and Canada
  • Zone 5: Pacific islands1
  • Zone 6: UK and Ireland
  • Zone 7: Major Europe1
  • Zone 8: Rest of World 11
  • Zone 9: Rest of World 21

To check which zone applies to the country, territory or region you're sending to, use our alphabetical lists below.

Want more information about the country, territory and region you're sending to?

1 Zone descriptions are a guide only. For complete zoning information, check our international post guide or ask at your local Post Office.