Customer safety declaration

Customer safety declaration

Vehicle and pedestrian access

  • My site is free of obstacles e.g. bollards, parked cars, overhead powerlines, drain, gates, trees, stored goods etc.
  • There is a designated loading / parking area on my site.
  • My site can be driven into and doesn't require reversing from e.g. street, industrial complex driveway.
  • There is enough room and clear vision to safely manoeuvre an Australia Post van.
  • Pedestrian and public access areas are controlled at my site.
  • The loading area is on even ground / has no slopes.

Falls, slips and trips

  • There are no slip, trip or fall hazards on my site.
  • There is adequate lighting within the pick-up area.

Manual handling

  • There is no requirement to lift large or awkward parcels / loads above 16kgs. (Assistance will be provided to Australia Post where large or awkward collections are required eg loads above16kg)
  • My parcels / loads are stable / balanced and won't fall over during loading or transportation.
  • Stairs won't need to be used for pickup at my site.
  • My parcels / loads won't need to be carried more than 10 meters.
  • There is no requirement to frequently lift parcels / loads above shoulder height.
  • There is no requirement to lift parcels / loads in awkward or restricted spaces.
  • My parcels / loads don't contain any hazardous substances or sharp protrusions.
  • My staff / colleagues will be on site at the time of collection.

Forklifts and moving vehicles

  • There is no requirement to work close to load shifting equipment (forklift, pallet jack etc), mobile plant and / or moving vehicles at my site.
  • There is no requirement to operate load shifting equipment on sloping, uneven or rough surfaces at my site.
  • There is a floor traffic management plan in place and a designated safe zone for truck driver to stand etc.

I understand that all information provided in the "Customer Safety Declaration" section in this application will be used for Workplace Health and Safety purposes, and failure to provide accurate information may prevent parcel pick-up.