7 of our favourite books by Indigenous authors

Would you like to read more fiction and non-fiction books by Indigenous authors? Books are a great way to dive into the incredibly rich First Nations history and culture, and we’re here to help you get started.

Storytelling is woven into First Nations culture. For thousands of years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been telling stories and passing them down through the generations.

Today, a growing number of Indigenous authors are adding their voices to this tradition. From children’s books like Can You Dance? by Sally Morgan, to the powerful anthology of stories in Anita Heiss’ Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia, a plethora of books written by Indigenous authors have been published in recent years.

With so many to choose from, where do you start when exploring books written by Indigenous authors? It’s a tough question, which we posed to Llewellyn Saltner, Indigenous Program, Capability & Governance Lead at Australia Post, and Zamira Tyson, Indigenous Inclusion Consultant at Australia Post.

Llewellyn is a proud Wakka Wakka, Wulli Wulli and Zenadth Kes woman who lives in Meeanjin. A self-confessed lover of books, Llewellyn loves seeing more and more books by and about Indigenous people in libraries and bookstores.

“It’s so important that we have books written by us and for us, and that we see ourselves and hear our voices in literature. It’s particularly important for younger people—that they can pick up a book, read it and really relate to it,” she says.