CN22 label

What is a CN22 label?

The CN22 label is a single, A6 sized customs declaration, which can be used for:

  • International Express Merchandise
  • International Express Documents
  • International Standard without Signature

What customers and shipments is the digital CN22 label suitable for?

The CN22 label has been designed for small, medium and large International outbound contract business customers who use our International Express and Standard services to send small, lightweight and low value goods.

How do customers enable the new CN22 label feature?

Find out how to enable the new CN22 label feature for:


  • Reduces International label processing time for merchants.
  • Meets customer demand for a smaller sized label for tracked International products.
  • The new design provides easier-to-read delivery details for international postal operators.

Eligibility criteria for International Express and Standard
(without Signature)

To enable the CN22, all the listed criteria must be met

All of the below criteria must be met:

  • Parcel dimensions are ≤90cm (L + W + D combined)
  • The greatest dimension is ≤60cm
  • Total consignment value is ≤$500 AUD
  • Parcel weight is ≤2kg
  • Destination country eligibility must be met - outlined in the table provided.

International Standard products must meet additional criteria:

Countries that permit CN22 A6 label

Changes to CN22 label

In addition to expanding the use of the CN22 label, currently available for International Express and Standard (without Signature) products when specific criteria are met, the following changes have been made:

  • The label design has been updated for ease of identification, processing and delivery
  • We’ve expanded our label layouts to include:
    • A4-1PP
    • A4-4PP
    • Thermal label A6 1PP

eParcel customers

API integrated customers

Customers integrated through a third party freight system or platform partner

Platform partners


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