If you're sending 250 or more eligible parcels per annum through the MyPost Business service or through participating Post Offices, you may be eligible to become a Business 250 Member and eligible for Business 250 pricing, saving up to 10% off the standard published price of certain parcel services.

Eligibility criteria for this offer are set out in the terms and conditions below.

Except where a word or phrase is expressly defined in these terms and conditions, all words or phrases shall have the same meaning, where specified in the Australia Post Terms and Conditions and the MyPost Account Terms of Use.

  1. (Eligibility) To become a Business 250 Member you must: 
    1. have an ABN;
    2. register to use the MyPost Business service;
    3. complete an application to be a Business 250 Member.
  2. Maintaining Business 250 Membership is conditional on you lodging not less than the Annual Volume of Eligible Parcels through the MyPost Business service or at Participating Post Offices.
  3. (Commencement) Your Business 250 Membership will not commence until your application is accepted and that acceptance is communicated to you. As soon as you receive notification of acceptance of your application, you will be entitled to Business 250 pricing.
  4. (Selected Services) Business 250 Members will be eligible for Business 250 pricing for the following Selected Services:
    1. Domestic parcels flat rate postage, for Parcel Post and Express Post (Express Post available for satchels only) when using the following flat rate satchels and boxes (being Australia Post satchels and boxes specified to be used for national flat rate postage once postage is purchased):
      • Flat Rate Satchel - small (up to 500g), medium (up to 3kg) and large (up to 5kg); or
      • Flat Rate Box - small Bx1 (box - up to 1kg) and medium Bx2 (box up to 3kg).
    2. Courier Post postage, when using flat rate satchels or flat rate boxes (specified to be used for national flat rate postage once postage is purchased), or your own packaging, to send items up to 22Kg.
    3. International Express assessed postage (up to 20kg) and International Standard assessed postage (up to 20kg). Discounts to the International Express and International Standard assessed services are only available when:
      • paying online by credit card or PayPal and where a pick-up service is included, or
      • paying in person at Participating Post Offices.
  5. (Verify Membership) In order to obtain Business 250 pricing on the Selected Services (and in order for parcels lodged to count towards Eligible Parcels) when paying for postage at Participating Post Offices, customers must verify their Business 250 membership in the manner requested from time to time by Australia Post.
  6. (Not Transferrable) Business 250 Membership and Business 250 pricing available through this offer are not transferrable. You may only take advantage of this offer to purchase postage services for your own business.
  7. (Extra Cover) When purchasing domestic flat rate parcel postage using the Applications or at Participating Post Offices Business 250 Members may purchase Extra Cover at a special rate of $1 per $100 (or part thereof) of your article's value (up to a maximum of $5,000). Extra Cover discounts are only available when paying by credit card or PayPal online, or when paying at Participating Post Office.
    See the terms and conditions applicable to the Extra Cover (PDF 172kB) service.
  8. (Eligible Parcels) For the purpose of meeting the requirement to lodge the Annual Volume, the following purchases will be Eligible Parcels: 
    1. all parcel postage purchased through the Applications.
    2. all assessed postage (postage labels based on a parcel's destination, weight and size) purchased over the counter at Participating Post Offices;
    3. flat rate postage labels designed for use with packaging specified by Australia Post (or using your own packaging);
    4. international parcels;
    but will not include:
    1. prepaid satchels and envelopes;
    2. any bulk mail lodgments - through manual mailing statements or electronic lodgment via the ELMS system
    3. any extra features including but not limited to signature on delivery and Extra Cover.
    4. parcel postage purchased via postage meters at self-service terminals or through eBay.
  9. The Annual Volume will be calculated from the date the first transaction occurs after a Business 250 Membership is accepted.
  10. (Cancellation) Australia Post may cancel this offer or amend the Business 250 pricing and/or the Annual Volume at any time, and will give the customer 14 days' notice of any such change via the MyPost Business website.
  11. (Eligibility Review) Australia Post will conduct regular reviews to assess customers' ongoing eligibility for Business 250 Membership. If it is determined by Australia Post that the Annual Volume has not been met and/or will not be met during the year, the customer will be given 14 days written notice prior to Australia Post revoking its Business 250 Membership. At the end of the 14 days the customer will no longer be eligible for the Business 250 pricing on Selected Services.
  12. (Compliance with Terms and Conditions) Australia Post may at its discretion refuse to provide any Business 250 pricing to a customer who fails to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Applications or the Australia Post Terms and Conditions. 
  13. (Inconsistency) These terms and conditions are supplementary to the MyPost Account Terms of Use. To the extent of any inconsistency with the MyPost Terms of Use, and these terms and conditions, then these terms and conditions will prevail.
  14. (Variations) Australia Post may vary these terms and conditions at any time by giving appropriate notice of proposed changes through the MyPost Business website. Any use of the Service by a customer after any variation to the terms and conditions becomes effective will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the variations, and any service supplied will be supplied on the terms and conditions as varied. If the Customer does not accept any variation to the terms and conditions, the Customer should terminate the Customer's participation in the Services as contemplated by clause 12.1 of the MyPost Account Terms of Use.
  15. (Privacy Notice) Australia Post collects your personal information so you can apply, and we can process and administer this offer. Without your personal information, we cannot provide the offer. Subject to some exceptions allowed by law, you may request access to your personal information while we store it. We will assess your request in accordance with the law and if access is denied, we will tell you why. A request to access, update or correct any information should be directed to the Privacy Officer, Australia Post GPO Box 1777, MELBOURNE, Victoria, 3001.
  16. (Emails) Business 250 Members acknowledge and agree that they will be sent emails and other communication containing information about our products, services or additional special offers. If customers do not wish to receive further information about our products, services or special offers, they may unsubscribe using the link in the email or by sending a request to the Privacy Officer, Australia Post, GPO Box 1777, MELBOURNE, VIC, 3001.
  17. (Warranty) If the customer is a company, the person making the application for membership on behalf of the customer warrants that they are authorised to agree on behalf of the customer to the terms and conditions of this offer.
  18. (Definitions)
    1. Annual Volume means the volume of Eligible Parcels required to be lodged by the customer in each year of membership in order to maintain its Business 250 Membership. 
    2. Applications means the MyPost Business service.
    3. Eligible Parcels means the parcel services set out in clause 8. 
    4. Participating Post Offices means those Post offices from time to time that will offer the ability to lodge eligible parcels and verify Business 250 Membership, to receive Business 250 pricing. Check your local Post Office for its eligibility.
    5. Selected Services means the services described in clause 4 above