Consumers are in control – with more choice of when, where and how they buy online, have it delivered, and returned.

Discover our top 5 Australian eCommerce observations and insights for FY17/18, based on an analysis of goods purchased online and delivered by Australia Post – and on results drawn from Australia Post consumer survey.

1. Online shopping revenue has grown to 8.9% of traditional Retail (FY18)

Australia Post modelled estimates from deliveries & surveys, Quantium online physical goods index, and publicly available data.

Online shopping in Australia now accounts for approximately $24 billion, up $2.7 billion from December 2017.

Tasmania showed strongest growth in number of online transactions YOY; up 25.8% followed by Queensland 24.3% and Victoria 23%.

Key takeout

With online shopping growth exceeding retail; future opportunities in eCommerce are being driven by customer expectation for convenience, access and choice.

Is providing a multi-channel customer experience part of your business plan?

Online transaction growth in FY18:

State Percentage growth
NT 15.6%
QLD 24.3%
SA 22.3%
TAS 25.8%
VIC 23%
WA 17.8%
National 21.9%

2. Online shoppers are buying more often

Key takeout

More frequent purchasing makes it even more important to get the experience right.

3. Auto-parts is the highest-growing category, up 24.8%

Key takeout

Research and insights can assist in keeping you informed of new and emerging categories.

4. Promotions are effective in driving sales

Over a third of beauty and fashion shoppers made a purchase as a result of a special offer or promotion.

Email was rated the most effective type of campaign. Social media came in second, at a recall of 15.5% (five times more effective than TV advertising, with recall of 2.9%).

Key takeout

Targeting and re-targeting is vital for success in online retailing.

5. …and, lastly, how we shop is changing.

Compared to FY16/17, consumers are less likely to shop online at: stores, shopping centres, cafes, restaurants and at work and more likely to shop online when on public transport (up by 12.5%).

The most noticeable changes in online shopping location were:

In a store or shopping centre (-37.1%)

At a café or restaurant (-25.5%)

While at work (-8.1%)

Key takeout

Time and location play a key role in the success of a promotion.

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