MyPost Business’ new features will simplify sending parcels overseas

MyPost Business helps take your business to the world. Its new features automate two previously manual processes and make it easier to send parcels overseas.

Key points

  • MyPost Business has launched two new features for international parcel sending.
  • The HS tariff code and prohibited/restricted status are now automatically generated based on the item description.
  • These new features will speed up the process of creating labels for international parcel sending.

MyPost Business has launched two new features that will make sending parcels overseas a whole lot easier.

These features automate the HS tariff code and restrictions/prohibitions processes without sending you to an external website.

Previously, you had to look up the appropriate HS tariff code for the item when creating an international label. Then you had to research whether that item was restricted or prohibited by customs regulations in the delivery country.

Those two manual steps are now automated and embedded into the MyPost Business label creation process.

Save time when sending parcels overseas

Peter Cristiano, a MyPost Business Senior Manager, says the new features are a huge time-saver for merchants.

“They no longer have to go offline to look up information. It’s now an intuitive process. They type in the item description and the HS tariff code will populate automatically.”

At this stage, you will be alerted if the item is a dangerous or prohibited good in the country of destination.

Peter says, “We’re more proactive with prohibited goods because sometimes the merchant only realises it’s prohibited when they’re notified by customs in that country. So we’re helping them be on the front foot with that.”

Unlock more savings with international parcel sending

The more you send, the more you save – on both domestic and international deliveries. Moving up the five savings band could earn businesses up to 35% off international parcel sending.

Peter says, “Sending 10 parcels overseas will obviously cost more than sending 10 parcels domestically. But where businesses reap the reward is when their revenue unlocks a higher tier that lets them access more savings.”

Want to save on parcel sending?

With MyPost Business, your savings grow as you move up the five savings bands.

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