1. Purpose

a. Australia is currently affected by a pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

b. Customer supplies Urgent Supplies to people who may have to self-isolate or be unable to travel during the pandemic.

c. To enable Customer to continue to provide Urgent Supplies to such people during the pandemic, without the need for them to visit Customer in-store, Australia Post has developed the Services set out in these Terms & Conditions.

d. These Services have been designed to align with the Australian Government's COVID-19 Home Medicines Service program and its delivery rebate arrangements.

2. Application

a. These Terms and Conditions are 'Additional Terms' (as defined in the MyPost Account Terms of Use) that apply to Australia Post’s Pharmacy Home Delivery Service the ‘Services’) for Eligible Customers. They are supplementary to the MyPost Account Terms of Use, the Send and Save Terms and Conditions and the Australia Post Terms and Conditions.

b. By participating in the Pharmacy Home Delivery Service, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in:

i. these Terms and Conditions

ii. the Send and Save Terms and Conditions

iii. the MyPost Account Terms of Use

iv. the Online Sending Terms and Conditions

v. the Australia Post Terms and Conditions

c. Unless otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, if there's any inconsistency between any of the above documents, the earlier mentioned document will take precedence to the extent of that inconsistency.

d. Except where a word or phrase is defined in below, all words or phrases have the same meaning as set out in the MyPost Account Terms of Use, Send and Save Terms and Conditions, the Australia Post Terms and Conditions and the Online Sending Terms & Conditions.

3. Customer obligations

a. In order to access the pricing set out in clause 3 below, Eligible Customers must:

i. affix an Urgent Medical Supplies label to the article; 

ii. lodge the appropriately labelled article for postage via either yellow Express Post street posting boxes or an Australia Post Office by 3:00pm local time; and

iii. Comply with all applicable laws, codes of practice and/or reasonable direction from Australia Post relating to goods sent through the postal network, and to the packaging and labelling of pharmaceutical products.

b. Customer understands that Australia Post cannot guarantee delivery times or that parcels will be delivered the next business day.

c. Customer understand that delivery of any articles lodged without an Urgent Medical Supplies label may be delayed.

d. Customer must only use the Services for lodging articles that:

i. contain goods that are sold through the Customer’s business and not goods sold by third parties’ businesses; and

ii. are being sent to recipients within Customer’s Local Catchment Area.

4. Pricing

a. Eligible Customers are eligible for flat structured pricing for the Services during the Term as notified by Australia Post from time to time.

5. Variations

a. Australia Post may vary these Terms and Conditions at any time by giving reasonable notice of proposed changes by e-mail and/or via auspost.com.au and/or the MyPost Business homepage.

6. Definitions

a. Chargeable Weight means the greater of Dead Weight or Cubic Weight.

b. Cubic Weight means the weight calculated as L(m) x W(m) x D(m) x 250kg/m3.

c. Dead Weight means the weight of the article designated by us rounded up to the nearest whole kilogram.

d. Eligible Customers means pharmacies that are registered as pharmacies in Australia and registered for MyPost Business.

e. Local Catchment Area means the geographical area in which Customer’s ordinary customers reside and includes any customers who would ordinarily buy from Customer in-store.

f. Term means the period of time from the commencement of the Services until 30 September 2020.

g. Urgent Supplies means prescription pharmaceuticals, medicines and other supplies that are essential to the end-consumer’s health.