Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility

Are you a business involved in the transport of goods by heavy vehicle? Find out about your legal obligations.

Chain of Responsibility (COR) laws aim to achieve improved road safety outcomes by imposing obligations on each person in the 'chain'.

If you despatch Unit Loading Devices (ULDs) or pallets, your business must take reasonable steps to ensure that COR requirements are not breached in connection with the transport of those ULDs and pallets.

When you are dealing with Australia Post, you are required to comply with the specific COR requirements set out below. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with all other legal duties in relation to Chain of Responsibility.

Specific ULD and pallet weight information

  • Australia Post is committed to working with customers to understand the importance of correctly labelling ULDs and pallets prior to carriage. 
  • All ULDs and pallets picked up by Australia Post from customer locations must have the gross weight clearly marked on the unit in a location that is readily identifiable by the driver and loading staff. 
  • Australia Post's ULDs have a maximum safe working load limit of 600kg gross. As a matter of policy, Australia Post does not accept pallets loaded with a gross weight in excess of 1,000kg.

More information

Further information on Chain of Responsibility obligations is available on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulators website.

Download our Statement of Compliance to Chain of Responsibility (76kb)