Safeguarding your information

Keeping your identity and information safe is our priority. Please read our privacy statement to find out how we do this.

Information about other people

When you give us another person's personal information eg. co-applicants, you must tell them you have done so and why, and show them the contents of this privacy statement.

Use of personal information

We only use your personal information, or that of any co-applicant, as necessary to administer our Mail Redirection, Mail Holding, in order to Notify Organisations, as part of our National Change of Address service as well as other associated services.

We will not disclose your personal information or that of any co-applicant, to any third party unless it is:

  • required by, or authorised under law
  • It is with either your express or implied consent in relation to our others services
  • to our contracted service providers - such as mailing houses and printers - who need these details to perform aspects of the administration of this service as instructed by us

Notify Organisations Service

For organisations that you nominate as part of our Notify Organisations service (also referred to as Change of Address Notification) you are providing your express consent for us to provide your details (including name, old address, new address, email and phone number) to the organisation(s) in order for those organisations to update their customer and billing databases. We recommend you familiarize yourself with those organisations respective Privacy Policies for clarification on how they generally handle your personal information. These organisations may contact you in the future surrounding a product or service relevant to that organisation which remains independent of this service. Whilst transferring this information to relevant organisations, we will do so via secure channels only. By providing this information to these organisations we will not be altering any marketing permissions that you have in place with that particular organisation.

Further use of personal information

Free Address Update service

Australia Post can further assist with the prompt and efficient delivery of your mail. With your express consent we can give your new address details to those organisations that already know your name and previous address and who have asked us to update their records (Free Address Update service).

These organisations include industries such as public utilities, financial services, direct marketing, consumer goods, retail, charities, professional and other services.

Record updates

Given that most organisations have an obligation to ensure that their records are up to date, we may provide your personal information to organisations that know you, or any co-applicants, to make them aware that you are no longer at your old address (Australia Post will not pass on your or your co-applicant's new mailing address unless you have provided us with your consent to do so).

Products and Services

During the term of the service, Australia Post may disclose to any third party who sends an article to the addressee the new suburb to which redirected articles have been nominated by the applicant to be delivered via a tracking notification. The new address (to which redirected articles have been nominated by the applicant to be delivered) will not be visible through a tracking notification and will remain confidential.

Your personal information may from time to time be used by Australia Post to identify particular Australia Post and/or third party products and services which may be of interest to you. Your personal information will never be disclosed to any third party involved in this process. We will do this with your express or implied consent and we will always give you a choice to opt-out of receiving such information in the future.For any service related enquiries, or to facilitate your opt-out from the receipt of such information please call us on 1300 55 7678 and quote the CRN number located above your address on the enclosed letter.

Australia Post assures you it has not disclosed your personal information or other details to these advertisers.

Accessing your personal information

Whilst maintained by us, your personal information is handled in accordance with Australia Post Group Privacy Policy which outlines how to access and/or correct your personal information or make a privacy related complaint. You may contact the Privacy Contact Officer, Australia Post, GPO Box 1777, Melbourne, Vic, 3001 for privacy related queries. For more information please visit