Advice on your rights & responsibilities
when shopping in the digital age

Shopping online: Know your rights and entitlements

21 October 2016

We love online shopping. But do you know your rights and entitlements when it comes to shopping online? Here are some handy pointers to save time and money.

Shopping online: Your guide to the fine print

11 October 2016

Here’s the lowdown on the legal jargon you’re likely to encounter when you're doing a little online shopping.

How to keep online retailers accountable for their promises

06 October 2016

Some might stretch the truth a little, while other retailers know no limits when it comes to getting their lion’s share of the market.

7 things to consider when you're shopping online

06 October 2016

Shopping online? Here's what you need to think about before you part with your credit card details or plug in that PayPal information.