Join the club (sorry, kids only)

Who’s this? Honey + Co Club

What’s it all about? It’s a postal subscription club for kids. Sign up a deserving child and each month they open the post box to a fun pack of goodies: think toys, puzzles, books and games (it’s all about play and discovery).


Anything else we should know? Well, Honey is a real person. Actually, she’s a Labrador, but she’s the mascot of the club and kids get to follow her adventures in the stories and colouring books included in Honey & Co. Club.

So how did it all come to be? Founder Lou has fond memories of getting mail when she was a kid, especially in December when she’d bolt outside to collect Christmas cards. When Lou saw the same kind of excitement in her daughter Audrey Mae (even when the only thing in the mailbox is a catalogue), it spurred the idea for Honey + Co Club. Honey is Audrey Mae’s dog.

5 REASONS TO LOVE: Honey + Co Club

  1. Who wouldn't love to get a present every month?
  2. It encourages play and gets kids away from the screens of modern life.
  3. Because receiving things in the post is always exciting.
  4. Anything inspired by a Labrador has to be amazing.
  5. Do it for the kids.