The best kid’s games to celebrate The Great Aussie Coin Hunt

Keen for some budget-friendly ideas to entertain the kids at home? Take a look at these five simple coin games using the new collectable coins as part of The Great Aussie Coin Hunt (so fun, even parents will want to get involved!).

Who said entertaining the kids had to cost the earth? The Great Aussie Coin Hunt is back for another year and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up our favourite retro coin games to play with the whole family. From treasure hunting to coin stacking, these games will not only encourage kids to learn about the icons of Australia, but also help to improve their focus, hand-eye coordination and counting skills!  

Simply head in store or to the Australia Post online shop to buy the new set of A-Z coins and read on to learn how to play these fun and simple coin games that will get you and the family hooked.  

(To ensure safety, these games are generally suitable for kids over the age of five.) 

1. Can you spell F-U-N? Challenge the kids to a word game 

Put all the coins in a bag and let each player pull 13 coins from the bag (half of the alphabet each). Allow the kids to take turns trying to make words from the letters they have pulled, laying their words out on a flat surface for everyone to see. Whoever can make the most words, wins!  

Playing this game challenges children to use new vocabulary, practise spelling and learn new words. A wholesome and educational game, perfect for primary schoolers aged five and up! 

2. Ahoy, mateys! Host an Aussie-themed treasure hunt  

Everyone loves a treasure hunt and now the ever-popular pastime is made even more thrilling thanks to the new A-Z coins that are part of this year’s Great Aussie Coin Hunt. From Darrell Lea sweets and R.M. Williams boots to The Great Ocean Road and Luna Park, the coins feature some of our most-loved Aussie icons and make for the perfect ‘treasure’ in any child’s treasure hunt.  

First, plot out where the coin hunt will take place and use the imagery on the coins as your inspiration. For example, could the ‘Farmer’ coin be hidden in your veggie patch? Or the ‘Kelpie’ coin be stashed in the dog’s kennel? Use these clues to form the illustrations on your map and watch as the kids take pleasure in uncovering the buried gold! 

3. Timberrrr: Stack ‘em up and watch ‘em fall 

This one is perfect for kids over the age of five who love the thrill of classic family games like Jenga. Give each player an even pile of coins and watch as they try to stack as many coins as possible on top of each other in the space of one minute. Want to make it more challenging? Have each player hold one hand behind their back! Whoever has made the tallest stack in a minute without it falling over is the winner. Parents, you keep score (and no cheating!). 

4. Sling-a-coin: he shoots, he scores! 

Like a ring toss game that you might find at a carnival, this one involves having the kids (aged four and up) take turns throwing coins into a bowl from a distance. Whatever lands in the bowl, the player gets to keep but whatever coins miss the bowl, the other player gets to keep. Once all the coins have been thrown, get the kids to count how many coins they have to determine the winner.

Hot tip: draw a line on the ground in chalk (if outside) or use a skipping rope on the floor inside to make sure all the players are throwing from the same distance (and avoid the line of fire!). 

5. Sliding coins: What’s your tipping point?  

You may have memories of playing this one yourself on the kitchen bench at home as a youngster—all you need is a flat table, two players (recommended for the older kids) and a coin. Balancing half the coin on the edge of the table, the first player uses the palm of their hand to push the coin, so it slides across the surface. They then have two more attempts to slide the coin to the end of the table, so it hangs strategically off without falling; then, the aim is to flick it up and catch it in one hand.  

This game may look easy but it’s all about technique. Push the coin too hard, and it will fall off the end of the table in one go. Too soft, and you won’t position it close enough to the edge within three attempts.  

6. See a penny, don’t pick it up! 

“See a penny, pick it up” may be the phrase you’re used to but, in this game, the goal is the exact opposite. Lay all the coins out on a table and get each player (at least two to make it fun!) in turn to pick up one, two or three coins—whatever they decide. The aim is to not be the person who picks up the last remaining coin!   

Games like this (suited to those aged five and up) encourage kids to use their strategic thinking and counting skills to determine how they can ultimately be the last person ‘standing’.  

You can pick up The Great Aussie Coin Hunt Tube and Folder Set complete with all 26 A-Z coins in store or on the Australia Post online shop—it’s the perfect gift for avid collectors of all ages! 

The Great Aussie Coin Hunt begins on 09 May 2022 at participating Post Offices. Coins are subject to in-store availability. 

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