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We open on a close-up of the tattooed arms of a young man (Tom). Wearing gloves, he scoops up some beads of wax from a box using a big metal cup, and presses the wax down neatly. 


(Upbeat instrumental music)


Cut to mid-range shot of Tom pouring wax into a metal machine, then a close-up. 


(Upbeat instrumental music)


Cut to an interior shot of Chelsea Thomas emerging through a storage room doorway into a small candle-making warehouse. A big metal stand, filled with candle moulds is on her right. As she walks, Tom appears to her right, standing behind a tray of candles. 


(Chelsea speaking)

“Here we are. I’m legit behind the scenes of The Candle Library based in Byron Bay.”


Cut to Tom taking a tray of candles from a shelf on the big metal stand, cleaning them, trimming wicks, and sticking on labels.


(Upbeat instrumental music)


Back to Chelsea and Tom, standing next to each other.


(Chelsea speaking)

“This is Tom – hubby – one half of The Candle Library doing the pouring.” 


Footage speeds up as Chelsea makes her way into another room where a woman holding a young baby is packing orders.


(Chelsea speaking continued)

“This is the packing station. What a cool office. This is Ange, the other half of The Candle Library, clearly a family-run business. She does everything here including the packing and holding little Frankie too.”


Footage speeds up again as Chelsea walks from the packing room into a shopfront with a staff member behind the counter. He picks up an Australia Post parcel post satchel. 


(Chelsea speaking continued)

“If you come into The Candle Library – the store – Neil is your guy. He knows so much about candles. He’s also packing your orders from online.” 


Chelsea explores the store further with lots of clos-up shots of the candle products. 


(Chelsea speaking continued)

“And then we’ve got all of the beautiful product. This is what it looks like when it gets to your house. And they have a subscription service so you can get one for every single month of the year.”


(End frame featuring Australia Post logo and the following text)



Introducing Australia’s first candle subscription club

Hand poured and shipped from Byron Bay, The Candle Library runs the first candle subscription club in Australia.

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