7 ways clever tech can help you achieve your goals

Setting goals is easy but achieving them takes a bit more work. Stay motivated with some clever tech from the Australia Post Shop that’s designed to help you keep on track.

Whether you’re trying to get fit, eat healthier or achieve a better work-life balance, we all need a little help to stay motivated from time to time. Especially when the weather turns grey and cold outside. But did you know, setting goals can actually help you manage anxiety?

There’s no need to go it alone. With so many clever tools for goal setting on the market, all you need to do is identify your goals and get started. Take a look at some of the most common goals Australians set for themselves and see how the latest tech can help you reach them.

1. The top tech to help you get fit

The number one personal goal or resolution we have probably all made at least once is to get fit. It makes sense. Physical activity can improve our health and reduce our risk of developing diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The thing is, not all of us are gym junkies—but that’s okay. With the Google Chromecast, you can cast any YouTube workout you like to your TV and enjoy exercising in the comfort and privacy of your own living room. You can even cast many free fitness apps straight from your phone—including FitOn, Nike Training Club or Freeletics. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes a day and you’ll be well on track to achieving your goal and reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

2. The top tech to help you stay healthy

By no means do we condone a crazy all-juice diet—but it goes without saying, a clean diet packed full of nutrients is high on all our goals lists. But what’s the best way to get our daily intake of fruit and vegetables?

Using a kitchen blender has loads of benefits. First, using just one appliance will save you time on prep and cleaning. Additionally, most blenders allow you to use whole fruits and vegetables, which means nutrient-rich soups, smoothies, sauces and dips are available all year-round.

The Mistral Blender is packed with features but still looks the part when sitting proudly on your kitchen bench. With a sizable 1.5 litre glass jug and powerful 350 watt blending power, it’s tough enough to use every day. Kickstart your morning with this green breakfast smoothie recipe that’s loaded with delicious ingredients.

3. The top tech to help you feel happier

Feeling happier is a difficult goal to set. In fact, happiness is generally a by-product of reaching other goals. But it’s not impossible to achieve. Some ways you may find happiness is by taking care of yourself each day, venturing outside of your comfort zone or discovering things that you’re passionate about.

Could music be the answer? Turns out, a study by the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital discovered that listening to music releases dopamine in our brains (the ‘feel good’ chemical). That may explain why we feel so happy when our favourite song comes on the radio or why we have such fond memories of our first concert.

Inject a bit of happiness into each day by playing your favourite tunes on the retro Mistral Bluetooth Turntable with Speakers. This vintage-style set is perfect for spinning old vinyls, while the Bluetooth and AUX functionality means you can enjoy quality sound from your other devices. There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia to make you feel good.

4. The top tech to help you get productive

Ever had so much to do, the only thing you could muster was laying on the couch in your PJs watching daytime telly? We’ve all been there. But it’s in those moments of procrastination that we often need a helping hand.

Enter: habit tracker apps. There are loads out there, but generally these apps help you to get organised, improve daily habits and increase your focus. Key features may include to do lists, session timers, app and website blockers, planners, phone silencer and focus music. Get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy A23 Smartphone, with its huge 6.6” Infinity-V display and 128GB internal memory, and try free apps like Taskful, Momentum, Habitica or StickK to get your busy life back on track.

5. The top tech to help you get better sleep

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, eight and a quarter hours is the average amount of sleep adults need each night. Are you reaching that target? If not, you’re not alone. From work stress to children waking, there are many reasons why we don’t always achieve the best sleep each night. And yet, poor sleep can be linked to several health problems.

Thankfully, smart gadgets like the Apple Watch SE can help us improve our bedtime routine. This sophisticated watch includes the built-in Sleep app, which uses your motion to detect sleep patterns; allows you to set sleep goals, and even limits your distractions before bed. Just wear it at night and when you wake up, the app will tell you how much sleep you got and how that compares with your sleep over the past 14 days.

6. The top tech to help you be more sustainable

Our impact on the planet is widely reported on but it’s easy to feel helpless when it comes to global issues like climate change. The good news is, there are lots of little things we can do as individuals to help tackle the problem.

Saying yes to recyclable packaging and making sure you cut down on excess food packaging by shopping from bulk stores are just a couple of ways you can do your bit. Re-selling your old clothes and homewares online, and buying second-hand items yourself, is another.

When it comes to being more sustainable around the home, try switching your lights to LEDs to use less energy (and save yourself money in the process). These Disk Lights Swivel are the perfect alternative to traditional garden lights, as they require no wiring or batteries and use solar power to shine bright all night.

7. The top tech to help you start meditating

Keeping the mind and body well with exercises, like meditation, is a shared goal for a lot of Australians. Originally, meditation practices were aimed at spiritual enlightenment but these days, its one of the most popular ways for people to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It’s often hard to define a goal that relates to mental wellbeing but setting time aside each day to practise meditation will soon have you enjoying the benefits. Whether you’re looking for breathing exercises, muscle relaxation or guided visualisations, Beyond Blue provides a range of helpful audio files that you can download to your phone and use at any time. Try these JBL Wireless Headphones to get your meditation goal on track, with a long-lasting 21-hour battery life and comfortable fit.

Looking for other accessories to help you get your goals on track?

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