10 of our favourite As Seen On TV products you actually need to buy

From car scratch repair kits to solar-powered garden lights, As Seen On TV products are designed to make your life easier. Discover the latest As Seen On TV specials at Australia Post and shop the weird and wonderful products you never knew you needed.

Ever wondered where you can buy those quirky As Seen On TV products that only seem to feature on daytime infomercials? Well, look no further. Australia Post is your go-to retailer for As Seen On TV specials and we’ve rounded up 10 of the very best from our latest As Seen On TV catalogue just for you.  

Ruby™ Sliders 8-Piece Set, $19.95  

Does the sound of your dining chairs scraping across your prized timber floors send shivers down your spine? Save yourself the hassle (and expense) of buffing your floorboards with these nifty Ruby Sliders that prevent scratches and eliminate that annoying noise. 

The handy pack of eight sliders are designed to last, while the ultra-flexible and clear silicone means you can stretch them to fit chair and table legs, bed posts or couch feet—without ruining the appearance of your favourite furniture. Buy now to prevent further damage to your hardwood, laminate or ceramic floors or stock up on packs, so you have some on hand for your next new furniture buy.  

Scratch Solution, $29.95 

We could get scientific and tell you all about how the Scratch Solution applicator’s speedy rotations generate heat, which then activates the millions of micro particles in the unique formula. But that’s not important. All you need to know is that this clever little tool removes scuffs and scratches from your car like magic.  

Whether you want to undo the damage from a minor fender bender, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a car enthusiast friend or someone who just got their license, the Scratch Solution scratch repair system is sure to come in handy. 

Alien Tape, $24.95 

You could be forgiven for thinking this weird and wonderful As Seen On TV product came from outer space. Or perhaps it was those geniuses from NASA who concocted the idea. Either way, Alien Tape will have you bewildered at how it works. 

The only non-adhesive tape you can actually wash and reuse, eco-friendly Alien Tape is the smartest option for home DIY. Its nano grip technology sticks without any toxic adhesives, while its non-sticky adhesive means no annoying residue to clean up afterwards. Plus, it can hold up to 7.5 kilograms! Run-don’t-walk to nab this otherworldly invention. 

Carwash Cannon™, $29.95 

Forget paying silly amounts of money—and potentially damaging your car—at those ‘servo’ car washes. With the Carwash Cannon™, you have access to the best carwash at home thanks to its clever and easy-to-use design.  

Simply attach the system to any regular garden hose, add water and your choice of car washing liquid to the bottle and pull the trigger to spray your car with the cleansing foam. Then, just rinse! With an adjustable dial that has five foam settings and one rinse setting, you can wash and rinse without the need for buckets or bending. When washing the car is this fun and easy, you can even expect the kids to want to help!   


Some things are synonymous with Australian summer. Backyard barbecues, pesky flies, cricket…and a scorching hot steering wheel after a day at the beach. We may be entering the cooler months, but don’t get caught out on the next sunny day without a BRELLASHADE.  

This pop-up windshield umbrella not only protects you from hot car seats and gear sticks, but it prevents sun damage to your car’s dashboard and interior. Not to mention, its reflective and metallic-sheet fabric offers full coverage for that bit of extra security from potential thieves. Compact, light and easy to store in your glovebox or door compartment, BRELLASHADE is the perfect companion for any car.  

Pillow Pad Foldaway, $29.95  

With winter fast approaching, it’s not like we needed another excuse to hibernate in front of Netflix. And yet, the Pillow Pad Foldaway offers even more incentive to stay in and binge. This tablet and device stand made from sturdy foam provides the ultimate assistance in hands-free streaming. Adjust the stand for your viewing pleasure, keep your cords and headphones in the handy tray and when it’s not in use, fold it flat for easy storage. It’s convenience at its best (we’ll take two). 

Hy-Impact Nano, $99.95  

Gift shopping can be a pain in the neck. We get it. Thankfully, the Hy-Impact Nano solves all your gift-buying problems thanks to its five interchangeable massage heads and four adjustable speeds. That’s right, this pocket-sized deep tissue massager makes for the perfect gift for that deserving someone.  

Compact, lightweight and cordless, the Hy-Impact Nano is easy to use and helps to relieve stiffness and soreness immediately. Treat yourself (or a friend) and wave goodbye to overpriced spa treatments—this at-home massager is all you’ll ever need.

Disk Lights Swivel, $59.99 

Not all of us are handy around the home (guilty!). Thankfully, these solar-powered Disk Lights Swivel are so easy to set up, basically anyone can do it. The four-pack of LED lights requires no wiring, batteries or installation, which means all you have to do it is place them where you want, like in the ground or mounted on a wall, and sit back and relax as you bask in light (and save money on electricity bills).  

Great for illuminating dark garden pathways, entrance ways or staircases, the Disk Lights Swivel are water resistant and can be adjusted as needed thanks to their ‘swivel’ design. They’re even made from stainless steel, so expect them to last. Sounds like our kind of DIY.  

Skinny Stacks, $39.99  

When it comes to food storage containers, ‘out with the old and in with the new’ should be your motto. Nobody likes a stained, broken or smelly lunchbox. In fact, holding onto cracked or warped containers can even be unsafe.  

Enter: Skinny Stacks. These nifty containers are made to stack and store your leftovers, keeping your food fresher for longer. The durable, puncture-resistant and transparent silicon stretches over most meals, which makes it quick and easy for you to keep track of what’s in the fridge, while the BPA-free tray is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. The pack comes with two Skinny Stacks trays but be prepared to buy more once you become addicted to using them. 

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