Fabulous Christmas gifts for the foodies in your life

Knowing a foodie can have many benefits. From tagging along on their latest eating adventure, to sampling the spoils direct from their kitchen, foodie friends and relatives also make for an extra special Christmas. These are the people often tasked with the more ambitious elements of the Christmas feast. So, it might be time to thank them for bringing the party to your tastebuds by considering these great gifts for the fabulous foodies in your life.

Presents for the purist

If you know a food-lover who likes to make everything from scratch, lucky you. You can bet their food adventures will be made all the better by popping one of these extra special items under their tree.

For the Frenchie

France - the home of the Michelin Star - is often a favourite cuisine and travelling destination for the ambitious foodie. If you have a francophile in your life, why not pack them up some goodies that will have them saying “merci beaucoup!”

Gifts for the baking buff

Whether their go-to dishes are cakes or breads, the baker is one of the easiest kinds of foodies you can buy for. And, there is rarely a shortage of takers for what comes out of their oven.

Alfresco accessories

From simple barbecues on summery evenings, to perfect picnics watching the sun set, the alfresco foodie will love these accessories to help them (and you) eat out more often

Little foodies

Food-focused presents aren’t just for grown-ups. If you know a mini gourmand, or chef-in-the-making, these extra special items might be just what Santa ordered.

If all of that just doesn’t cut the mustard, or you simply have a laid-back foodie on your hands, perhaps the best idea is to bring the food to them instead. If you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide, you can order a feast from your foodie’s favourite café and have it all delivered via Deliveroo.

You could also go with a ready-made gift hamper from Australia Post’s online shop. Priced from $50 to $290, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.