10 handy gadgets to help you move house

Moving house can be an exciting milestone—but also more than a little stressful. Keep calm by adding a few handy gadgets to your moving house checklist that you probably haven’t thought of.

When you’re moving house, it’s easy to get caught up in the exciting details. Questions like, “What dining table should I buy?” or “Which direction should the sofa go?” are often at the forefront of conversation. But if you’re not organised before the big day, you may find the milestone to be more stressful than it needs to be.

With a few essentials (and some handy gadgets you never knew you needed) moving house can become a whole lot easier. Here’s a list of some of our must-have gadgets from the Australia Post Shop that will help you get the job done.

1. Wi-Fi range extender

First thing’s first, get yourself connected to the Wi-Fi. Hopefully, setting up your internet service at your new home has already been done. Problem is, you may find the connection doesn’t reach to all areas of the house. This is where the TP LINK Wi-Fi Range Extender will come in handy.

Compatible with any Wi-Fi router, the device works by duplicating and rebroadcasting your internet signal, meaning you can enjoy strong speeds wherever you are in the house. Just plug it into a power outlet that’s ideally halfway between your router and the ‘dead zone’ for it to be most effective.

2. Furniture sliders 

When you move into a new home, the last thing you want is for the floors to be ruined by scuffs and scratches. Keep your floors flawless (pardon the pun) with the As Seen On TV Ruby™ Sliders, which are silicone covers that attach to furniture feet and chair legs.

Also commonly referred to as chair sliders, chair glides or chair tips, these nifty little gadgets prevent scratches on timber floors and ceramic tiles, while also eliminating the bone-tingling noise of chairs scraping on hard floors. Win-win.

3. Cordless drill

Sometimes, a good old Allen key just won’t cut it. Every toolbox should include a drill, especially when it comes to constructing furniture quickly or hanging heavy mirrors and prints. The Mistral Cordless Drill is the perfect addition to your tool kit, as it includes forward and reverse drilling functions and a soft grip (which makes it easy for small hands to manage). Plus, its built-in LED light will come to the rescue when working in poorly lit spaces, like under the stairs or in cupboards.

4. Robotic vacuum cleaner

Drilling holes in walls (and generally, traipsing in and out of the house on moving day) means dust and dirt on carpets and floors. But with so many moving tasks, vacuuming is probably not high on the agenda. Take one job off your growing to do list with the Mistral Robovac, a one-touch robotic vacuum with clever built-in sensors and up to 120-minutes battery life. Its low-profile design even means it can get underneath furniture, so just set it and forget it while you focus on the big jobs.

5. Double-sided tape

When it comes to fastening or mounting things in place, Alien Tape is a handy alternative to nails and screws. Multifunctional and with no sticky residue, this clever non-adhesive tape is double-sided and fast to apply. Plus, it doesn’t make a mess. Use it for just about everything—from securing carpets and rugs to hanging up picture frames or fixing hooks to walls.

6. Super glue

It’s always upsetting when you open a moving box, only to discover your favourite items cracked or smashed. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable—which is exactly why super glue should be on every moving house checklist.

If you’re looking for the best, try the popular As Seen On TV product, Flex Glue. Not only does this powerful adhesive instantly grab most surfaces, but it also gets stronger over time (holding over 450 kilograms once its fully set!). Use it indoors, outdoors, or even underwater—its rubberised formula means it’s perfect for repairs around the house and garden, or even if you have to build something from scratch.

7. Portable hooks

Moving house pro tip: you can never have too much storage. Whether you’re moving into a new house or small apartment, it’s always a good idea to utilise the space you have with clever storage hacks.

A portable hook system, like Nook Hooks, can help to transform an underused cupboard or shelf space in minutes. Made from durable metal that can hold up to 4 kilograms, Nook Hooks slide onto any shelf or ledge and allow you to hang anything from coffee cups to bags and jewellery. Our advice? Stock up on more than just one pack.

8. Steam cleaner

So, the professional cleaners have been through your new house, but you still want to give it a once-over? We get it. Surfaces can never be too clean. Thankfully, the NuSteam Hand-Held Steamer is lightweight and kills 99% of germs and bacteria—which, makes last-minute sanitising simple to do. With an added garment attachment, you can even steam clean your clothes once they’re hanging in your shiny, new wardrobe!  

9. Torches

You don’t want to spend the first night in your new home rummaging for batteries or light bulbs. Moving house can often take all day, so when it comes time to constructing your bed, you may be doing it in the dark.

The ultra-bright Handy Brite Cordless Worklight is perfect to have on hand for such moments. Just use the stand to prop it up where you need light, or even attach it to metal surfaces with its magnetic base. Or if you prefer a hand-held torch that illuminates the whole room, the Handy Brite Wide Beam, with its 180-degree wide beam, is also a great buy.

10. Air fryer

After all your hard work, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is cooking up a complicated meal. Instead of ordering unhealthy takeout, make sure your Mistral 10L Digital Air Fryer is in easy reach. From tandoori chicken to quiche Lorraine, there’s a huge selection of air fryer dinner recipes that are guaranteed to sate your well-deserved appetite. Plus, with its large 10-litre cooking basket, you can whip up enough for all your moving helpers in one go.

Need help moving house?

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