The top educational toys for kids

From developing socials skills to improving problem solving, educational toys have a wide range of benefits for kids. Head to the Australia Post Shop to find our top educational kids’ toys that little ones will love.

As parents, we tend to fill the house with toys that have been gifted by loved ones, but did you know, selecting your kids’ toys wisely could help them develop their intellectual and motor skills? Not only can educational kids’ toys provide a head start in reading, maths, science and problem solving, but it can also help them to develop a love of learning.

From sensory books that instil creativity to puzzles that improve concentration, educational toys are proven to be a useful tool for growing children. Here are some great ideas for educational toys in the Australia Post Shop, which are sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike.

Interactive toys for kids that almost feel real

If there’s one thing kids are always requesting, it’s a new pet. Sure, owning a pet teaches your little one important lessons about responsibility and empathy—but it’s often the us as parents who are lumped with the caretaking duties.

If you’re keen to avoid all that comes with owning a real pet, an interactive toy is just the thing. The adorable Playful Puppy Pal, with its colourful collar, will quickly become your child’s new best friend. It will walk around, give a little bark, and wag its tail happily (think: the best attributes of a real dog, without the puppy messes in your home!).

Science-based toys that spark curiosity

When kids learn to love STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), they can build up the type of practical skills that can help them in general life. When you give them fun toys, like the Super Kaleidoscope Kit or the Curious Universe Science Kit, you’re giving them the gift of confidence to explore the world around them.

If you know a keen little scientist, why not check out some of the activities surrounding National Science Week? This Australia-wide celebration of science and technology takes place between 13 – 21 August 2022 and includes in-person and online events that cover favourite topics like space, transport and the environment!

Kids’ sensory toys that reduce anxiety

There may only be five senses but there are far more than five reasons why sensory toys are the best educational toys. When children get into an activity using their senses, they can become more curious, explore ideas, be creative, and relax. A seemingly simple activity, like the Addo Dough Set, is the gift that gives kids the chance to have fun for hours upon hours.

Try suggesting objects that kids can make from the dough. Or encourage imaginative play by pretending to bake using props like muffin tins and cookie cutters (just don’t let them really eat the dough!). Play dough activities are great for kids, as they help to build muscle strength, fine motor skills and even reduce anxiety.

The top toys for make-believe fun

Imagine creating your own fairyland—setting up the magical garden and pond, and then playing with the fairies until a grown-up says it’s time to stop. (Sigh.) This is the beauty of make-believe educational toys for kids: they’ll learn without even realising they’re learning, boosting their creativity and imagination in the process.

Research has found that kids who participate in make-believe play get a whole range of benefits—from learning how to socialise and play with others to practising language and cognitive development. Our tip? Create a box of props, including costumes and everyday items, so the kids can experiment with all kinds of role-playing activities.

Puzzles to encourage problem solving

Puzzles are a fun indoor activity that help to relieve boredom during school holidays and weekends. Not only that, but puzzles are also the perfect toy for getting those little brains working on strategies, problem solving and memory. The whole family can get involved, with parents offering verbal guidance to kick things off. After a while, the little ones will have built up so much practice that eventually, they won’t need assistance at all.

Go big with the Kangaroo Beach giant floor puzzle, with 50 pieces that will keep the kids busy and on the hunt for hours. As the kids grow, start to introduce puzzles with more pieces to create a more difficult challenge.

The gift of music to build memory and coordination

Is the child in your life a little groover? You may not have realised but listening to and playing music relaxes the brain and allows children to build memory, coordination and emotional skills. In fact, music sparks all areas of child development—including language and literacy, as they discover the sounds and meaning of words.

If you’re looking for educational toys for toddlers, the Piano Music Mat will amaze the little ones. The repetition of the sounds will encourage memorisation, while the movement will improve gross motor skills.

For kids who are slightly older, this Harry Potter Bluetooth Speaker is the gift that will win you serious points. Portable and able to play music 10-meters away from your device, you can set the kids up in the backyard and let them dance and sing all day long!

Arty-crafty fun that builds important skills

Nothing is more fun for kids than having the chance to draw freely. Giving them time to be creative helps to develop fine motor skills, encourage concentration, and boosts their confidence.

Choose from a range of Faber-Castell creative packs, including textas, crayons, pens, colouring books, and triangular pencils that allow kids to practise their pencil grip. Remember to use positive reinforcement, too. You may like to frame your little ones’ masterpieces or even include their artworks in letters to family members and friends.

For a modern spin on drawing, try the Disney Learning Series creative experience so they can master their art while enjoying their favourite Disney characters (plus, no clean-up at the end!).

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