Camp Pineapple: Fun & fruity tents

Who’s this? Camp Pineapple

What’s it all about? In short, tents. But these aren’t any ordinary old tents—they’re made in wild and colourful patterns that are unlike any tent you’ve seen before. Also, it doesn’t take an architectural degree to pitch them.

Anything else we should know? Those crazy campers also do a range of festival-friendly camp products and fashion accessories.

So how did it all come to be? During travels to their favourite festivals, brothers Brook and Gideon Hornung were struck by two thoughts: one, when you’re camping with a few thousand of your closest festival goers, you really notice that tents tend to come in a limited and, it can’t be denied, rather dull choice of colours. Two, your average festival goer isn’t a seasoned camper—and, frankly, who wants to spend all their time figuring out how to pitch a tent and missing the band? So they came up with Camp Pineapple, a fun and rather clever solution to both problems.

5 REASONS TO LOVE: Camp Pineapple

  1. Their pop-up tents can be packed down in about 30 seconds. Talk about a hasty exit.
  2. They collaborate with cool artists and designers to create those distinctive prints.
  3. If you dig Camp Pineapple's vibrant designs, you can have them on mugs, drink holders and beanies.
  4. They're anything but boring.
  5. Because it's a family affair — thumbs up for brotherly love.