Be part of a noisy ritual: inside Melbourne’s first urban winery

Finding a wine fermenter underneath his rental home was the beginning of a wild ride into business ownership for Cam Nicol. He and his friends Alex Byrne and Sam Vogel started Noisy Ritual – a people-powered urban winery just three short years ago. Now, they’re right at the centre of an urban wine-making revival in Melbourne.

From stomping the grapes, through to pressing, fermenting and finally to tasting and bottling, Noisy Ritual members are able to take part in every aspect of the wine-making process.

“A lot of it is to do with demystifying the wine-making process,” says Alex.

“I think people want to know what’s behind the product more and more these days, and Noisy Ritual has captured that,” says Sam.

But above all, the Noisy Ritual winery is fundamentally about building a great community and having fun. Cam and Alex, who now run the business together while Sam has started his own venture, want to see people enjoying making their own products together.

“We’ve been, since the beginning, guided by the members, and the people we share the winemaking with,” says Alex.

“As long as we’ve got people in here having a good time that’s the major goal,” says Sam.

Meet the founders and then visit the Noisy Ritual online shop to find out how you can get stomping, sipping, and learning all about wine.