Happy sheep making ethical, no-waste clothing

Taking beautiful Australian Merino wool from the sheep's back, through to a finished garment is what clothing company Woolerina is all about.

Founder, Warwick Rolfe, hand-selects the wool straight from the farm and clearly demonstrates a passion for quality that is rare in today’s throw-away society.

“We closely follow the wool we’ve selected through all stages of processing to spinning, knitting and dying before we receive rolls of beautifully coloured fabric,” says Warwick.

Each year Warwick personally visits the shearing shed to hand select the best Merino fleece on offer, ensuring only the best raw material is being used in each and every Woolerina piece.

In choosing fleece, Warwick uses scientific measurements, as well as his hands, to select fibre that will feel amazing next to the skin and withstand wear and tear.

Much of the exceptional wool is sourced from a farm called Glenwood Merinos near the small town of Wellington in central New South Wales, Australia

Established in 2005, a serious passion for wool is at the heart of the Woolerina brand –a clothing company that takes comfort and quality to a whole new level.

Great clothes from farm to you

“It’s very important that we know what the fibre is that we’re buying. Equally important is to know how the animals have been treated and how the land has been treated. That’s extremely important to me,” says Warwick.

The Woolerina team is part of a small-town community and is passionate about making comfortable, ethical and beautiful clothes for the whole family.