Alipay Purchase Card

This document contains key Alipay Purchase Card (Card) Terms of Use (Terms). We may vary and introduce terms and fees without notice (see the Alipay website for full terms). Card expires on expiry date shown on your receipt. Apply to Alipay (before expiry date) to extend the expiry date. A 12RMB fee will be deducted from the value of the Card if the application is successful. Remaining balance on expiry will be forfeited. If you discover unauthorised or mistaken payments or the receipt is lost/stolen call 1800 686 150. No fees apply to use of the Card.


  1. Card issued by Alipay Singapore E-Commerce Private Ltd (Alipay) and distributed by Australia Post (Post).
  2. Use only to pay at after registration.
  3. Balance held in RMB, which fluctuates and will impact Card value.
  4. Max load limit/Card: A$500.
  5. Max total value/customer: A$1,000. Card is not reloadable.
  6. We may suspend Cards, cancel registration or decline transactions for breach of full Terms, breach of law, dishonesty, identity discrepancy or if we would incur additional liability.
  7. Keep Serial No & PIN secret and secure - no refunds/replacements if lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise compromised.
  8. Australian law applies.

For enquiries/complaints call 1800 686 150.


  1. Register at the Alipay website
  2. Choose Alipay Purchase Card and Management/Account Asset
  3. Choose Immediately use Alipay Purchase Card & enter Serial No & PIN
  4. At the Taobao website / Tmall website choose Alipay Purchase Card at Checkout and confirm
  5. Check balance & transactions at the Alipay website.

For concerns about the purchase of a Card, return to the original Post store of purchase with the purchase receipt (without this, Post can't assist). Post doesn't guarantee or hold the stored value of the Card and makes no warranty or representation in connection with the Card (including quality or standard) nor is it liable for any loss you or any third party suffers arising in connection with the Card.