What's included in your Comprehensive Car Insurance?

New car replacement

If your brand new car’s written off within the first three years and has travelled less than 60,000km, we'll replace it with a new one of the same model or series.

Everyone's covered

Our comprehensive policy extends to others who use your car – there’s no need to list all drivers.2

Hire car cover

We’ll keep you on the move by arranging a hire car for 14 days if you’re involved in a car accident where you aren’t the driver at fault. Just give us the other driver’s details.

Get $100 off Comprehensive Car Insurance

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Optional extras

Hire car – extra

We’ll pay for a hire car for up to 14 days while we fix your car if you or someone driving your car causes an accident. This extends to damage to your car from things like hail or fire.

Choice of repairer

We select quality, QBE-accredited repairers to carry out servicing with our standard insurance. But if you’d prefer to choose your own licensed specialist, you can add this optional feature.

What else is covered?

  • Accident, fire and theft damage