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StarTrack Courier
Prices vary

  • Estimated 3-hour delivery within CBD and metro network7
  • Available within Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.
  • Carbon neutral parcel delivery5
  • Live web tracking

Use our online calculator to find out postage costs and estimated delivery time.

Save on sending

Sending 5-20 parcels per week?

You could save up to 35% on same metro city sending, and up to 25% on international sending with a MyPost Business account.8

A MyPost Business account also lets you pay for postage online and instore, print shipping labels, book parcel pickups, track items and more.

Sending 1,000+ parcels per year?

Get tailored pricing and shipping solutions, including freight management, with a parcel sending contract.

Speak with a specialist about how a parcel contract you help your business.

Pack your product

Stock up on prepaid satchels

Keep a pack of prepaid satchels or boxes handy, for postage and packaging whenever you need it.

Print your own shipping labels

Looking for a quick and convenient way to send? Try paying for postage online and printing your own labels.