Compare delivery services

Parcel Post

Standard price from

  • 2+ business days delivery2
  • Can add optional extras like Extra Cover3, Signature on Delivery4 and Email Track Advice

Express Post

Standard price from

Courier Post

Flat rate

  • Same business day delivery7 within metro areas within the same state
  • Signature on Delivery included
  • Can add optional Extra Cover3

StarTrack Courier


  • Immediate to 3 hour delivery within CBD and metro network
  • Real-time track and trace

Get volume-based savings

Sending a one-off item?

Calculate the standard postage costs for a single parcel and get estimated delivery time.

Sending 5-20 parcels per week?

Save up to 35% on same-major-city sending, and up to 19% when sending to other major cities. Eligibility criteria apply.9

Sending more than 1,000 parcels per year?

Get tailored pricing and shipping solutions, including freight management, with an eParcel contract.

Pack your product

Stock up on prepaid packaging

Keep a pack of prepaid satchels or boxes handy, for postage and packaging whenever you need it.

Print your own shipping labels

Looking for a quick and convenient way to send? Try paying for postage online and printing your own labels.