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  • Estimated 3-hour delivery within CBD and metro network7
  • Available within Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.
  • Carbon neutral parcel delivery5
  • Live web tracking

Use our online calculator to find out postage costs and estimated delivery time.

Save on sending

Sending 8-320 parcels over 8 weeks?

You could save up to 40% on same metro city sending, and up to 25% on international sending with a MyPost Business account.8

A MyPost Business account also lets you pay for postage online and instore, print shipping labels, book parcel pickups, track items and more.

Sending 2,000+ parcels per year?

Get tailored pricing and shipping solutions, including freight management, with a parcel sending contract.

Speak with a specialist about how a parcel contract you help your business.

Pack your product

Stock up on prepaid satchels

Keep a pack of prepaid satchels or boxes handy, for postage and packaging whenever you need it.

Print your own shipping labels

Looking for a quick and convenient way to send? Try paying for postage online and printing your own labels.

Get custom packaging

Show off your brand and create a memorable delivery experience with branded packaging.

Send wine, medical and educational supplies

Get specialised packaging and rates for your items.

1 Excludes the cost of packaging and is based on sending a small satchel (355 x 225mm) weighing up to 5kg to anywhere in Australia.

2 Our regular parcel service delivers in 2 or more business days. Delivery times will vary depending on lodgement and destination points. For more information on delivery times in your area, view our postage calculator.

3 Additional charges apply. Extra Cover provides you with cover for the specified value of your item (up to $5,000 or part thereof) if your item is lost or damaged while being carried by Australia Post.

4 Additional charges apply

5 Australia Post purchases carbon credits to offset the emissions of its deliveries. Find out more about our commitment to carbon neutral parcel delivery

6 Next business day delivery is only available within the Express Post next business day delivery network. The national next business day delivery network operates between capital cities (excluding Darwin; and for Perth between CBDs only) and some major centres. Note: Express eParcel is not covered in the Express Post Guarantee.

7 When sending Standard 3-4+ hour courier within Melbourne metropolitan. Price varies by state, vehicle size and timeframe required.

8 When you send 20+ parcels over a rolling 8-week period. Savings are subject to eligibility criteria. Savings are calculated based on how many qualifying parcels you send over a rolling 8-week and 12-month periods. To be eligible, you must have a MyPost Business account and use your account when purchasing qualifying parcels and you must meet the volume requirements over the relevant period to get discounts on certain products. Please refer to the terms and conditions for further details on the eligibility criteria.