Compare delivery services

Parcel Post

Standard price from

  • 2+ business days delivery2
  • Can add optional extras like Extra Cover3, Signature on Delivery4 and Email Track Advice

Express Post

Standard price from

Courier Post

Flat rate

  • Same business day delivery7 within metro areas within the same state
  • Signature on Delivery included
  • Can add optional Extra Cover3

StarTrack Courier


  • Immediate to 3 hour delivery within CBD and metro network
  • Real-time track and trace

Get volume-based savings

Sending a one-off item?

Calculate the standard postage costs for a single parcel and get estimated delivery time.

Sending 5-20 parcels per week?

Save up to 35% on same-major-city sending, and up to 19% when sending to other major cities. Eligibility criteria apply.9