Electronic lodgement of mailing statements (e-LMS)

Temporary alternative Priority for bulk mail from 1 June 2020

Due to the significant impacts of COVID-19, our Priority Letters service has been suspended from Monday 1 June 2020 until further notice. After this time, customers can lodge bulk mail paid as Priority and this will be delivered quicker than regular mail (Monday to Friday) under a temporary alternative Priority timetable for bulk mail. Eligible bulk mail types include:

  • PreSort Letters
  • Print Post
  • Charity Mail
  • Clean Mail
  • Registered Post Imprint

From 1 June 2020 products no longer able to be lodged via eLMS are:

  • Imprint Small Charge Letters Priority
  • Imprint Large Charge Letters Priority
  • Local Country Letters Priority
  • Direct Access Imprint Small Charge Letters Priority
  • Direct Access Imprint Large Charge Letters Priority

Whether you're a mailing house or a business that lodges your own bulk mail, e-LMS is a simple and efficient way to create mailing statements. If you have an Australia Post credit account, you can lodge statements online, replacing the need to manually fill out paper based mailing statements. 

Once your business is set up in e-LMS, you can access it from any computer connected to the internet.


More efficient
  • You will no longer need to file or search through paper based records. You can easily search e-LMS for the records you need.
  • You can lodge different types of mail all on the one mailing statement, e.g. PreSort Letters, Clean Mail and Parcels.
Real-time reporting
  • You'll have real-time updates on all your mailing statements. Once submitted you can track their progress.
  • You can view and print useful reports and keep track of accounts and pricing.
Dedicated e-LMS support team
  • While the system is easy to use, you and your staff will have access to over-the-phone training and ongoing support.

Get started

To use e-LMS, you'll need to complete an application form (PDF 206kB). Please download the PDF to your computer, fill out the form, then email to the e-LMS support team. Your business will be set up in the e-LMS system and a username and password will be created. You can then arrange a time for basic over-the-phone training.

Need help?

We have a range of support services to help make using e-LMS as easy as possible.

Please refer to our list of helpful contacts (PDF 318kB) and the e-LMS user guide (PDF 3.7MB)