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Quality Australian-made products are in high demand. And yours might be a great addition to our Australia Post storefronts. 

What they're buying

Online shoppers in China tend to be health-conscious and prepared to pay a little more when sourcing premium products from overseas.

Popular product categories include:

  • health products and supplements
  • cosmetics and skincare
  • maternity and baby products
  • milk powder
  • organic food and wine

Where you'll be selling

We've teamed up with some of China's most-trusted eCommerce marketplaces to put your product in front of hundreds of millions of online shoppers.

Tmall Global

China's biggest online business-to-consumer marketplace - and it's growing fast.

JD Worldwide

Second-largest online business-to-consumer marketplace in China.


Largest business-to-business marketplace. Like Tmall, it's backed by Alibaba.

5 reasons to set up shop with us

  • Get easy access to China's booming eCommerce marketplaces
  • Build trust with Chinese shoppers by partnering with an international brand
  • Leap the language barrier with help from our translation team
  • Know how to price your products for the Chinese market
  • Get help managing customers returns and refunds

Success story: building a beautiful brand

See how Melbourne-based startup bellabox is planning to change the way Chinese shoppers discover new beauty products - with a little help from our Tmall and JD partnerships. Read the full story