China’s eCommerce market is set to accelerate, driven by online marketplaces

China has a growing middleclass with disposable income

High-quality, Australian-made products are in high demand

Marketplaces we work with

Tmall Global is owned by China’s biggest eCommerce enterprise, Alibaba – and it’s growing fast.

JD is a leading online business-to-consumer marketplace in China.

Suning is a leading online marketplace in China for all product categories.

How your partnership with us works

When you register your interest, we'll respond to let you know if your product's a good fit for our storefronts. If so, here's how we'll work together:

1. You sign a service agreement with us

2. You provide info on your company and products including photos. We get you approved and set up on our storefronts

3. Your customers order and pay online and we translate their order into English

4. You ship the order with us

5. Your customer confirms they got it