Cash on Delivery is a convenient and accessible payment option for your customers as they can pay for and collect your items at more than 3,800 Post Offices across the country.

We can collect payments on your behalf for the postage and Cash on Delivery fee only, payment for the item only, or both.


  • Increase sales - allows you to fulfil orders and deliver goods to customers who don't have an account with you or don't wish to pay by credit card
  • Flexible payment options - customers can choose to pay by cash or EFTPOS
  • Customer convenience and choice - nation-wide accessibility across our retail network gives your customers an alternate payment and delivery option

How Cash on Delivery works

Using Cash on Delivery is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Lodge your customer's order at your nearest Post Office
  2. The item will be delivered to your customer's nearest outlet and they'll be informed they have a Cash on Delivery item waiting for collection
  3. When they arrive to collect the item, we'll process a payment on your behalf and any remittances will be sent back to you via Money Order



Cash on Delivery service


Option 1: Collection of Cash On Delivery fee and postage costs from receiver


$9.75 COD fee + cost of postage

Option 2: Collection of Cash On Delivery fee and postage costs and payment for the item from receiver


$13.75 COD fee + cost of postage + payment for the item

Statement of delivery





$19.85 plus cost of phone calls, electronic messages or return postage

Extra Cover fee (per $100 or part thereof up to $5,000)



Need more information?

To find out more about our Cash on Delivery service, contact your Australia Post Account Manager or call us on 13 POST.

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