Health and safety 

New COVID-19 health and safety regulations apply to all workplaces across Australia.

We’re doing our bit to keep the community safe and prevent the virus spreading – and this has meant changing how we do things. Social distancing within our processing facilities means we can’t always move items as quickly as we would like.

Record volumes 

COVID-19 is causing more people than ever to shop online and to send items via post. We’re processing record parcel volumes and experienced one of our busiest-ever Christmas periods in 2020.

Fewer passenger flights 

We usually rely on passenger flights to transport our parcels, but many domestic and international routes are currently suspended. Remaining routes have much lower frequencies.

International factors 

Deliveries to and from overseas depend on postal and delivery services in other countries.  

  • Restrictions and operational constraints are causing delays in most countries.
  • Some countries are not currently accepting parcels. 
  • Fewer international flights mean some items may be delayed.
  • Items may be held longer than usual by Australian and overseas customs authorities.

What we’re doing about it 

Some delays are beyond our control, but we’re doing what we can to keep things moving. We’re hiring 5,000 new people, opening new facilities and expanding our air freight capacity.