What is a supply chain?

Learn more about supply chains and how Australia Post can help improve yours.

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is the term used to describe the steps involved in creating and sending a product. The supply chain starts with sourcing raw materials (procurement) and ends when the product is received by the customer (fulfilment).

How important is it to build a resilient supply chain?

A number of factors, from world events to local stock issues, can interrupt the flow of a supply chain. This can cause delays or other pressures to your business. Finding ways to make the supply chain more resilient is vital for every business.

How does the supply chain affect your customers?

Every step in your supply chain has the opportunity to affect the customer experience.
From the raw materials you source to a quick and reliable delivery – and everything in between – your customers are affected by the quality, cost, speed, sustainability and resilience of each step in your supply chain.

How can you improve your supply chain management?

There are always opportunities to improve your supply chain, whether it’s making it more sustainable, cost efficient or resilient.  can help you identify and make improvements.

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