Carbon neutral delivery explained: putting the balance back into the planet

What does ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘carbon offset’ actually mean? And why is it important that we understand? Here, we break down these familiar terms and look at why we should always get behind carbon neutral deliveries.

It’s no secret that carbon emissions are one of the main causes of pollution and climate change. At Australia Post, we are committed to treading softly and minimising our environmental footprint on the planet. In fact, we are one of the largest Australian businesses with a validated ‘science-based target’ to aim to reduce Scopes 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 15 per cent by 2025.

So, what exactly does ‘carbon neutral delivery’ mean and why is it so important that we do our bit? Read our comprehensive guide to learn more.

What does carbon neutral delivery mean?

Although it’s easy not to think about it, whenever we send or receive a parcel or item of post, it has a carbon footprint. This includes the amount of carbon used in creating the packaging, in the processing of the parcel at the Post Office, and then when it’s sent and delivered—whether it catches a ride by car, truck, train or plane.

To send a parcel carbon neutral is a matter of maths. The amount of carbon used to send the parcel needs to be reduced and balanced to the point of net zero. So how do we do this? Although not quite as easy as it sounds, there are two ways we meet this challenge head on:

1. Reducing emissions

One of the ways that we are making it possible to lessen the environmental impact of parcel deliveries is by reducing our emissions as a business. As part of our wider commitment to build a sustainable future, we have set ourselves the target of reducing our carbon emissions by 15 per cent by 2025 (from a FY19 baseline).

Some of the ways we are successfully reducing emissions are by growing our electric delivery fleet; generating more of our own solar electricity and investing in renewable electricity; and working closely with Qantas to reduce the emissions of air freight which are a large part of our emissions profile. The more we can decarbonise our operations, and those of partners who help deliver your parcels, the less we need to offset.

2. Carbon offsetting

Any remaining carbon emissions that haven’t been reduced can be offset. In partnership with the Qantas Future Planet program, we ensure parcels—where postage is paid via the Post Office, Online Shop, or MyPost Business account—are sent carbon neutral1.  For each delivery we make, Australia Post calculates how much carbon is emitted and we then purchase the equivalent number of carbon credits from the program. 

These credits are used to fund important and innovative environmental and community projects in Australia and around the world.

Why does Australia Post partner with the Qantas Future Planet program?

The Qantas Future Planet program supports a range of environmental projects that work towards protecting and regenerating some of our precious eco