Digital parcel collection notifications

If you have a MyPost account you will receive a digital parcel collection notice, instead of a paper card.

How digital parcel collection notifications work

If you have a MyPost account1, and we’re unable to successfully deliver your parcel, we won't leave a card anymore. Instead, we’ll send you digital notifications to let you know why it couldn’t be completed, and when your parcel is ready for collection at the Post Office or a nearby collection point.

Don’t worry if your family or friends aren’t MyPost customers, they’ll still get a paper card.

You’ll only receive notifications via the AusPost app, email or SMS. If you use the app, you’ll also get a one-off QR code for that particular parcel.

Simply show the notification, or the QR code (for AusPost app users) and suitable ID at the Post Office to collect your parcel.  

Why we're changing

What you need to do

To receive digital parcel collection notifications, you need to have a MyPost account with up-to-date details, so we can match your parcel to your account.

Add any email addresses that you use for online shopping to your MyPost account. This will help us automatically match other parcels to your account.

You can choose whether you’d prefer to receive digital notifications by email, SMS or the AusPost app by selecting your notification preferences. Some notifications must be sent by email and can’t be turned off, like the Awaiting Collection notification2

The quickest way to track your deliveries

Our free mobile app makes it easy to track and manage your deliveries from your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

Frequently asked questions

1If we can’t match a parcel to your MyPost account, we'll still leave receive a physical collection card for that item.

2Awaiting collection notifications also include some tracked mail items.