What is flat rate packaging?

Flat rate packaging is our range of satchels, boxes and more that come at a standard rate, helping you manage the cost of sending parcels. Find out how to use flat rate packaging.

What is flat rate packaging?

Flat rate packaging is parcel packaging that costs a standard rate. This makes it easy to calculate your business costs.

Who can use flat rate packaging?

To use flat rate packaging, your parcel needs to tick three boxes:

  1. It has been placed into flat rate packaging
  2. Your parcel weighs 5kg or less
  3. The parcel’s destination is within Australia

What are the options for flat rate satchels and other packaging?

Our flat rate packaging range includes satchels, mailing tubes, parcel boxes, padded mailers and tough bags. They come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

There are flat rate packaging options for delivery around Australia and overseas.

Where can you buy flat rate packaging?

Flat rate packaging is available for purchase online or at your nearest Post Office. Some packaging options come in single quantities, while flat rate satchels are available in packs of 10.

You can buy flat rate packages ahead of time, then label and send them when you’re ready. This option is only open to packaging that doesn’t include postage rates.

Do flat rate satchels include postage?

Some flat rate packaging includes postage rates – these are called ‘prepaid’.

Our other flat rate packaging options do not include postage.

Postage for items weighing 5kg or less is based on the size of the package, its destination and whether you’re sending it as a regular parcel or Express Post.

If your parcel weighs more than 5kg, the postage cost will be calculated by physical or cubic weight, which ever is greater for items over 1kg.

With your MyPost Business account, you can save on postage costs when you send more.

How should you label your flat rate packaging?

Shipping labels for your flat rate postage can be printed from your MyPost Business account.

MyPost Business can help with your parcel sending

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