"To cut through the clutter and grab attention, we chose to use a dimensional mail pack. It delivered a serious message, while leveraging the spirit of 'happy banking', and was a great way of bringing the campaign to life."
- Roger Hayes, Senior Account Manager at Host


At the beginning of 2011, Bankwest wanted to provide businesses with some much needed security when it came to borrowing money, through a limited-time, fixed-rate business loan.


While Bankwest's interest rate offer was competitive, it needed to develop a campaign that would distinguish its services from other, larger lenders, while communicating its "happy banking" philosophy.


Host, Bankwest's creative agency, suggested an integrated campaign with a strong direct mail element. Using Impact Mail, Bankwest mailed around 4,000 businesses a piece of wood, resembling a plaque and embossed with the words "Nail Your Business Loan", and a bag of nails.


Bankwest achieved 275 leads - a 7 per cent response rate. Of these, 13 per cent converted to applications, which was 30 per cent above target.

Download full case study (PDF 60kB)