How long does petrol last?

Have you ever driven past a petrol station when the prices were particularly high and kicked yourself for not filling up the tank sooner? Maybe you’ve wondered if you could store petrol in containers. If this is the case, you may be wondering if petrol goes off and if so, how long does it last?

How long does petrol last in a car?

Does petrol go off in a car? It can, yes. Generally, petrol lasts for about a month when stored in your car’s petrol tank. After this time, it tends not to perform as well as it could. To prolong the life of your petrol a bit, you can add in some more fresh fuel, but this should make up at least a third of the fuel in your car. But should those who drive infrequently fill up a tank just to save a few bucks? It might not be such a good idea. When left in your fuel tank for too long, petrol can begin to go stale and cause issues for your car, such as corrosion.

Alternatively, if you wish to fill up the car but know it will be sitting in one place for a while, you may wish to consider purchasing a fuel stabiliser.

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How long does petrol last in a jerry can?

Petrol tends to last longer in a jerry can than in a car’s petrol tank. As such, if you’re looking to stock up when fuel prices are more-affordable, storing it in a jerry can is generally a better option. As long as they are stored in containers (ideally metal) that meet fuel storage regulations for Australia, they should be able to be kept in a good state for six months to a year. The amount of time that petrol can be stored for also depends upon the temperature that it’s stored at and whether or not the seal is broken.

Just be careful when storing petrol, as it’s a flammable liquid. Read up on the risks of storing fuel before beginning the process, and if you choose to continue, find a suitable space for its storage out of the way of children and pets.

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