"By working closely with Australia Post and making the 100-point ID check mandatory, we've been able to ensure 100 per cent data accuracy for individuals registered in the Rail Safety Worker program."
- Pegasus CEO Adam Boyle


Professional services provider Pegasus owns and manages an advanced contractor and safety management system, Onsite Track Easy. Rail Safety Worker is one of Onsite Track Easy's identification and record management programs.


Pegasus wanted to reduce the cost and risk associated with identification and qualification record management in the Rail Safety Worker program, plus give contractors and sites access to convenient photo ID.


Australia Post's in-person identity checks and photo capture offers a convenient, nationwide service for contractors, and the data transfer to Pegasus is completely automatic. Rail Safety Worker cards are delivered via Registered Post.


Over 10,400 contractors have been entered into the Rail Safety Worker system. The service has delivered accurate, up-to-date data to help reduce risks for sites, and convenient photo ID for contractors.

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