Safeguard your valuable deliveries

If you're sending a valuable item by mail, you should take out Extra Cover for extra peace of mind. Extra Cover provides loss or damage cover from the value of the service up to $5,000, and can be used to cover valuable items including jewellery (jewellery is not eligible for the limited compensation offered under Australia Post's terms and conditions).

Learn about buying Extra Cover as an optional extra for items you're sending overseas or within Australia.

Sending internationally?

You should check local regulations if you're sending a valuable item overseas. Some countries won't accept any valuable items into their mail system. Other countries might accept them if they're insured, and some countries accept valuable items in certain services but not others. Check our International Post Guide to find out details for each country.

What is a 'valuable item'?

All postal organisations consider the following to be valuable:  

  • Coins
  • Travellers cheques
  • Securities of any kind payable to bearer
  • Platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or otherwise
  • Jewels
  • Other articles of high intrinsic value
  • Precious stones (all valuable natural mineral stone, silica or substances extracted from the group, whether in its natural state or refined, processed, set or treated)  

Coins, bank notes and bullion

In addition to this list, we won't deliver bullion, bank notes or coins in any international services. This includes all Australian notes and coins, the bank notes or currency notes and coins of any other country and coins made from precious metals, whether or not such coins have a denomination.

This prohibition applies even if the destination country does accept valuables at their end.