You can redirect your mail for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months for permanent moves, or up to a chosen date if moving temporarily. Just remember to allow 3 full business days for us to process your application before it can start.

Personal mail

Redirecting your personal mail is easy and starts from as little as $26.90# for one month. If you have proof of identity, simply click the 'Redirect now' button.

Customers who may be eligible for our concession rate must apply in-store with the Mail Redirection form (700kb) and a valid concession card. You can also pick up and complete a form in-store.

Business mail

Mail redirection prices for business and government start from $84.45** for one month. To apply, please download the form and take it to a Post Office (forms also available in-store), along with the required proof of identity.

Extend your redirection service

To extend your mail redirection, you'll need the customer reference number found on your confirmation receipt or on the reminder email / letter that we sent you. For online applications, you'll see this reference number when you log into your account.

Change or cancel your service

Need to cancel or change your redirection? No problem. We'll let you know how.

  • * Some mail can't be redirected overseas, including Registered Post, Cash on Delivery, Parcel Post and Express Post items, and items which require customs documentation. Applications to redirect mail overseas must be submitted in a Post Office (forms are available in store).
  • # Price is for 1 month within Australia at the personal mail full rate. View all prices.
  • ** Price is for 1 month within Australia at the business rate. View all prices.