What is verification of identity?

Selected Australian states have introduced verification of identity legislation for property and land purchase, sale and transfers.

This legislation places responsibilities on conveyancing practitioners, lawyers and mortgagees to verify the identity of their clients (the people buying, selling or transferring property).

How can Australia Post help?

We can make verifying your clients' identity fast, simple and secure with our identity solutions for conveyancing practitioners, lawyers and mortgagees.

Our do-it-yourself tool allows conveyancing practitioners and mortgagees to perform their own identity checks for clients, securely record clients’ identity documentation and provides you with a verification of identity report.

You can also register for our over-the-counter service, where your clients are able to have their identity verified at a participating post office. Once completed we’ll send you an electronic confirmation and a verification of identity report for each check.

Why you need a verification of identity check