PPE and personal hygiene products – export ban lifted

The Australian Government has repealed its temporary ban on the non-commercial export of certain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and personal hygiene products. For more information, please see the Australian Border Force website.

Temporary increase to hand sanitiser limits sent via eParcel

To help the community stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia Post has temporarily increased the limit for hand sanitiser products carried via the eParcel road network (not via Sea or Air) from 300ml to 500ml per consignment (note: not per article).

This temporary arrangement recognises the classification of hand sanitiser products under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, and will be subject to Australia Post’s ongoing review as circumstances, and regulations, evolve.

Make sure it's safe to send

Some substances can't be posted for delivery within Australia or overseas. For instance, items that are explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or otherwise dangerous.