As a registered data partner, you can offer Australia Post's suppress and update solutions to complement your existing services.

Using data collected through our Mail Redirection service, we have developed solutions for you to help your clients keep track of customers who have changed address.

With around 3 million Australians moving house every year, keeping customer address records updated can improve customer retention and reduce administration, marketing and mail costs.

When completing a Mail Redirection, movers are asked to give Australia Post permission to pass their new address details on to organisations with their name and old address. Those who give permission are included in the National Change of Address File. Those who do not are included in our Inactive Address file.

The suppress service also contains a list of deceased customer records based on information supplied on the Mail Redirection application form.


  • Strengthen the value proposition to your customers through high value, complementary services
  • Potential revenue growth by optimising sales with your existing customers
  • Improve brand perception by being a registered data partner, backed by Australia Post
  • Helps reduce risk by using a proven dataset from Australia Post, an authoritative and trusted source

How it works

  1. Wash your clients' database through our suppress and update application to identify the number of customers who have moved and lodged a Mail Redirection
  2. Provide your client their options for each affected customer record:
    • Change of address - where a customer has given permission, the new address can be provided
    • Deceased notification - clients can be notified where a customer has been identified as having passed away
    • Inactive address - where Australia Post does not have permission to provide the new address details, clients can be notified that the record is considered inactive for a number of reasons
    • Reconnect - when a customer has been identified as ' Inactive', data partners can work with Australia Post to advise customers via mail that the client would like to re-establish contact
  3. Your client chooses which options they'd like to purchase
  4. Provide your client updated customer records

Get started

To get more information or to become a data partner, email AP Data Help.