4 January 2021

On 1 February, price changes will take effect for Post Office boxes, common boxes, private bags and locked bags. You'll find the upcoming changes listed below.

For more details about these services, see PO boxes & locked bags.

1 All sizes not available at all outlets.

2 Pay on Time is available to existing post office box and bag customers who renew their service by 31 March each year.

3 Specified pricing applies to PO Box services at Canberra, Hobart and Darwin GPOs and certain post offices as determined by Australia Post.

4 The Reduced Rate applies where Australia Post does not provide delivery to that customer's address (residential or business). The Reduced Rate will not apply where that customer (a) resides on a houseboat or other water vessel, or (b) where the customer's address (residential or business) is located on a private road (such as a caravan park, gated community, retirement village or defence force barracks etc).