Because our business operations have an impact on the environment, we're committed to understanding these impacts and finding new ways to improve. This means minimising costs, better managing our resources and identifying avenues to create value for our customers, our workforce and for the environment.

Our approach is underpinned by a robust environmental management system. This is aligned with the ISO 14001 environmental standard that actively monitors and manages our environmental impacts.

As we as our own environmental activities, we want to help the Australian community, for example through actively participating in recycling programs by providing collection programs for items that are hard to recycle.

Key environmental achievements

  • Reduced our emissions by 14 percent compared to our 2000 levels - this keeps us on track to meet our carbon reduction target of 25 percent by 2020. We're also on track to achieve an additional 3% reduction in our carbon footprint in 2016, bringing us close to an 18% reduction overall.
  • Implementation of energy efficiency initiatives at more than 200 of our sites
  • Introduction of new motorbikes, vans and sedan fleet that have enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Launch of Australia's first 100 per cent electric commercial van
  • Introduction of new motorbikes that are 60 per cent more fuel efficient
  • Installation of 867 KM of solar panels, delivering an annual carbon reduction of 1067 tonnes
  • Winner of the Banksia Foundation 2015 Large Business Award
  • Establishment of the first mailing satchel collection program in partnership with TerraCycle Australia
  • Recycling over 5 million printer cartridges, 283,000 mobile phones and accessories, and more than 10 million cigarette butts (2013-2015)

You can view details of our recent performance and programs in our Annual Report.

Our environmental focus areas

We focus our programs on a number of key areas of our business.