How Australians want to hear from government

Better Connections: How Australians want to hear from government

30 April 2014


This quarter's Better Connections report looks at how Australian's want to hear from government.
Data from the Australia Post Consumer Survey was used to examine the viewpoints of 2,000 Australian's in terms of preferences for receiving different types of government and official communication, and how they would like to take part in the next census or a referendum.

In the report:

  • 27% of Australians prefer to find out about important federal, state or local government policy changes via personally addressed mail, and 26% prefer email.
  • 40% of Australians prefer personally addressed mail to find out about changes that might affect the health, social or welfare entitlements they receive.
  • Older professionals show a stronger preference than the average population for email for many government-related communications.
  • 1 in 3 people would like to be informed of the next national census by personally addressed mail, and 76% of Australians would prefer to complete the census form online.
  • 55% of Australians would like to receive their rates notice in the mail.

Download full report (332kb)