Postage meters

Postage meters

A quick and convenient way to pay for bulk mail.

Postage meters print an 'indicium' (markings that show postage has been paid) on your mail. You download the postage value via a modem - so this is a convenient way to pay for sending bulk mail.

Meters are usually programmed with various postage rates, depending on the type of mail you're sending. Once your postage has run out, you can easily download it again, at any time of day.

Postage meters are more advanced than franking machines because you can download your postage rather than taking the machine to your local Post Office.


  • Cost effective - you receive a 2.5% rebate on the postage value every time your meter is reset, excluding GST
  • Save time - postage meters can process up to 100 letters a minute - much quicker than sticking on stamps
  • Convenient - you can download credit and reset your meter at the click of a button
  • Track costs - postage meters can generate detailed expenditure reports
  • Calculate your postage - some types of postage meters automatically calculate the correct rate of postage based on the size, weight and type of delivery service
  • One payment channel - manage all your costs efficiently via one payment channel - including letters, parcels and satchels
  • Pay for postage as and when needed - you can buy packaging or flat rate satchels from our online shop and simply pay for postage as you need it

Service options

Customers have the choice of sending letters to either the Priority or Regular delivery timetables.

Priority If you're using the Priority timetable, your postage meter will print 'Priority' when metering letters at the Priority rate.
Regular Letters sent using the Regular timetable take 1 to 2 business days longer to deliver, but cost less than the Priority timetable.

Where to buy or lease postage meters

You can buy or lease an Australia Post approved meter from these postage meter suppliers:

These suppliers provide meters that meet our postage meter standards. They can all be reset by modem, print a unique postage impression, track expenditure and calculate postage

When you can use a postage meter

You can pay for the following delivery services using a postage meter: