Payment on delivery with PostPay™

As an online retailer, you could be having trouble winning the trust of customers. Try PostPay™, where payment is released only when a parcel is delivered and signed for.

PostPay™ is a secure eCommerce solution that links your customer's payment to the delivery of their parcel, giving them the confidence to buy online from you. All your customer needs to do is to choose PostPay™ as their payment method when finalising the check-out process on your online store.™

PostPay™ works with our eParcel service for sending regular and express parcels within Australia. 


  • Secure payment platform - PostPay™ uses our SecurePay payment gateway, a leader in online payment processing in Australia

  • Increased sales potential - customers who normally avoid online credit card payments can now confidently transact with your business

  • Trusted delivery network -  Australia Post has the largest retail and shipping network in the country and ranks as our nation's second most reputable brand1

  • Fraud reduction - PostPay™ helps you avoid credit card chargebacks

  • Proof of delivery - track your orders while maximising security with signature on delivery

  • No signup fee  - it's free to sign up, plus our team will help you set up PostPay™ on your website at no charge

  • Ongoing support - you'll have the dedicated back up of your own program manager and technical support team

Video Audio


Heading: They'll buy when they see you're with PostPay™.

Illustration of a desk with a computer displaying an eCommerce site:

Title: 'Cam's camera bags' is displayed on the screen, a camera is positioned next to the computer.


PostPay™by Australia Post- Security for your Customers' Payment & Delivery


Zooms in on computer screen to show the website close up.

Titles; 'Good Site,' and 'Great products,' 'Right prices' pop up as the camera zooms further in on the mouse navigating the site.


As a new online retailer you've done your homework, you've built a good business model, your logistics are fine-tuned and you've created a great eCommerce website that showcases your products to their best advantage.

There's nothing to stop your customers purchasing except the confidence to click.


Illustration of a red shopping cart rolling down a hill, with discarded grey shopping carts stacked in the foreground.

Cart reduces in size, passes more abandoned carts, parcels fill cart.


Becoming a trusted site is a major obstacle faced by many new eCommerce stores.

Online retailers are feeling this lack of trust through reduced cart sizes, or worse cart abandonment.


Half of the parcels fly out of the moving cart. Another half of the parcels are discarded.


And while online sales are growing at an impressive rate, research shows all this activity comes from only half of Austral