Paying for postage

Paying for postage

The methods of payment when sending an item

Different ways to pay

The term postage means the amount you pay to send an item by post. You can show your postage is paid in the following ways:

Payment options

You can pay for postage and other postal services in the following ways:

  • Australia Post Business Credit Account

    We can set up your account to give you a convenient way to pay for your postage and postal services. We charge costs directly to your account, and invoice you the account balance monthly.
  • Cash, debit and credit cards, and cheques

    You can also pay by cash, debit and credit card, or cheque. If you want to pay by company or personal cheque, you'll need to apply for approval first by calling your local post office or 13 11 18.

    Terms and conditions apply

Need help?

If you have any questions about paying for your postage, call our customer contact centre on 13 11 18 or email us