Customer cash rebates

Customer cash rebates

Cash back, refund and bonus payment solutions

Do you currently offer, or are you thinking about offering, a cash rebate scheme? We can take away the hassle and manage it for you with our Cash Rewards service.


  • Save time and money by reducing pressure on your internal resources

  • Get a customised cash rebate solution to suit the specific needs of your business

  • Streamline the fulfilment process with no need for reply-paid envelopes, cheque production and reconciliation processes

  • More convenience for your customers with cash redeemed on the spot at any Post Office offering Bank@Post™

  • Collect your customers' contact details and develop a customer database

What can Cash Rewards be used for?

  • Cash-back promotions for manufacturer and retailer promotions, warranty rewards and online sale promotions
  • Payment of government rebates, bonuses and incentives
  • Refund claim vouchers

Get started

To find out more or get started with Cash Rewards, please contact your Australia Post Account Manager or Mail Marketing Consultant directly.

Don't have an account? Find out about the benefits of becoming an account customer with Australia Post.

Thinking about integrating your cash back rebate scheme as part of a direct mail campaign?  Our Cash Rewards service has been specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with our bulk mail delivery services.